Radio setup getting there

Went over to Texas to get some things at Teskeys for the horses. On the way back had my first stop at a Ham Radio Outlet in Plano. The salesman commented to my wife she should hold my wallet for me. 😛 As Father’s Day was just around the corner, I got to add a Geochron to the automatic tuner I went there to get. (yay!)

Below is the setup as it sits May 2022. The Geochron is high center. I put together a quick stand to hold my radio gear. It has room for a VHF/UHF rig to be added shortly down the road.

My son also helped me move the antenna, the Diamond CP5H, up to the roof of the shop. The roof is acting as a large ground plane. My first night with it all hooked up had me talking to S51DX in Slovenia on 20m (4400 miles!).

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