Lake Bistineau State Park, K-2366 ,26MAR23

Second POTA. This was the first I actually was able to get going with SSB. OMG. My home station is only 100watts and I’m pretty used to being at the tail end of a pileup. I had my little G90 out with it’s 20w and I was the object of the pileup. It was so much fun! I got around 25 SSB’s on 20m then started having problems with interference from the contesting going on so decided to move over to FT8 for a while. A very helpful individual walked me through how to log their THREE concurrent POTA’s with my ‘hamrs’ logging software so I could get it counted correctly. All of this in the middle of a pileup, on me. Thanks for everyone’s patience, 🙂 . The scenery was incredible. My work is such that I may be able to do this on a somewhat regular basis every few Sunday mornings (on my way home). Here’s some pics of the amazing scenery I had while working. The sun started to get in my way so after about 1-1.5 hours I called it quits to head home.

  • Xiegu G90
  • SOTA Beams 20-40
  • Thinkpad T495s (Kali Linux)
  • Jackery 20Ah battery
  • hamrs logging for SSB