Field Day, 2022

This was my first field day and I had a blast. I went and joined the crew at W5WZ. I set up outside the main room with my rig. Shown are pics of my table and setup. I ran digital for nearly then entire 24 hours. I logged somewhere around 215 contacts on FT8 and FT4. It was definitely a learning experience as I’d only really gotten into digital modes earlier in the week. I live just 8 minutes or so down the country roads. I took a break around 1230AM to run home for a shower/shave/change. I got back feeling like a new person! Except for a couple accidental 5 minutes “breaks” (falling asleep at the keyboard), I made it all the way through. It was interesting watching at 5AM our time, as 6AM hit the east coast. It seemed like everyone had their alarms set and got up and got back online. The bands on FT8 went from empty to busy in 5 minutes flat.

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